Gemini AI: Exploring Google's Rival to ChatGPT

By: Madhusudan Babar

What is Gemini AI?

Gemini AI is an Artificial Intelligence System by Google, which claims to be the most capable and largest AI Model, capable of understanding text, code, images and audio too.

Gemini AI: Capabilities and Potential

Gemini AI is Google's most capable LLM, with its unique capabilities beyond text generation, Gemini AI is able to understand over 20 Programming languages and write the Code, it can decode the images, and understand audio in multiple languages as well.

How to Access Gemini AI?

Gemini AI is available for public use and it is integrated in the Google's Bard, a rival to ChatGPT. You can access the features of Gemini AI Model on the Google Bard official website.

Gemini can Access the Internet

Gemini has access to internet, so you can summarise the webpages, get answers to your queries based on up-to-date information and suggestions to local queries such as restaurants, shops based on your location.

Summarise YouTube Videos

Gemini Artificial Intelligence can understand YouTube Videos, it can summarise the videos and answer questions, for e.g. for a recipe video, bard can tell you the ingredients, process or any follow up questions that you ask.

Google Apps and Services

Google Apps and Services are integrated with the Gemini AI and can communicate with them, you can export your responses to Google Sheets, Python code to Replit and Google Collab, and analyse images with Google Lens.

Google Bard VS ChatGPT

Bard, powered by Gemini AI, is a major competitor to ChatGPT. When comparing their capabilities, Bard has several advantages, particularly its ability to access information directly from the internet.

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