Madhusudan Babar

a.k.a krypton

Madhusudan is passionate about creating fast, performant, and beautiful websites. He is a front-end developer with experience in React, Vue.js, and NuxtJS, and is always looking for new ways to improve the user experience.

In addition to his web development work, Madhusudan has experience working with a variety of hardware, including TI Launchpads, Arduino boards, and the MCS51/52 family. He enjoys working with embedded systems and electronics and is always looking for new ways to apply his skills and knowledge.

Outside of work, Madhusudan is a passionate blogger with an interest in technology, web development, and electronics. He strives to provide his readers with valuable insights and information and is always looking for new topics to explore.

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Web Design and Development

I specialize in creating unique, fully customized websites that reflect your brand's identity and meet your specific requirements. From design to coding, I ensure a seamless user experience and a visually appealing online presence


Responsive Web Design

I design and develop websites that adapt seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes, ensuring optimal user experience and accessibility for your target audience


SEO-Friendly Web Development

I prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) best practices during the development process, ensuring that your website is structured and coded in a way that improves its visibility in search engine results and attracts organic traffic


Website Integration and API Development

I specialize in integrating third-party applications, APIs, and services into your website, expanding its functionality and creating seamless workflows to enhance user experience and streamline your business processes


IoT Prototyping and Proof of Concept

I help clients bring their IoT ideas to life by providing prototyping and proof-of-concept development services. This involves designing and building small-scale embedded systems that demonstrate the functionality and potential of their IoT concepts


Secure Web Application Development

I specialize in developing secure web applications, following industry best practices and security standards. I implement measures such as input validation, access controls, encryption, and secure authentication to ensure robust protection against common web vulnerabilities

Latest Work

featured Nators


nators is a website for a ficitional tourism company, website is fully responsive and is built with modern design elements, the site has beautiful animations, stunning visuals and out of the box creative concepts

featured Krypton's Blog

Krypton's Blog

Krypton's blog is a fully featured blogging platform, here I write technical / non-technical articles, previously it had support for multiple authors, features like tagging, etc.

featured k-domains


k-domains let's you manage any number of subdomains with ease and that too without even need to create separate project for each subdomain (site). All your layouts, shared components and the code for these sites will live in one project only.

tic tac toe

tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe is a PWA built with angular and material design, it can be installed in any device and works offline as well

Quiz App

Quiz App

A simple Quiz app, built with angular and material design, it fetches a series of multiple choice questions and user can answer them, results are displayed at the end, as of now there are 10 questions asked

featured Trillo


Trillo is a user interface of a hotell booking app, trillo provides professional llloking design, wit user friendly elements and visually stunning color schemes

featured Haunted House

Haunted House

Haunted house is a 3D website which displays a model of a house in night with graves all around it, this is my first attempt while learning three.js


Web Development

I am proeficient in web development, with expertise in nuxtJS, Vue.JS and reactJS, I use modern tools and techniques to build feature rich and elegant websites


Photography is my hobby, I love to capture the memories that words can't describe, I shoot nature, travel and architectures, I am also a vlogger and I mostly do travel and nature vlogs

GIT Version Control

I have good understanding of git and git-related concepts, also have hands on experience with github / gitlab, merge requests, conflicts, actions/automations and other such concepts

Embedded Systems Development

I've interests in embedded systems as well, I've done many projects using microcontrollers like 8051, PIC / Atmega MCUs, arduino, nordic dev kits, etc