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Introducing EDI Explorer a.k.a

Veena Baravkar


Meet Veena, our Tech Maestro, who plays a pivotal role in advancing technology and innovation within our tech-savvy community. With a background in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Veena brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Her dedication to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology is a driving force behind our community's progress. her practical experience in EDI systems, data integration, and software development makes her an invaluable contributor to our community.



Introducing Veena, a valuable member of our tech team. With a strong background in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, she brings her expertise in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology to our team.

Educational Foundation: Veena's academic journey has equipped her with a solid foundation in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, making her a proficient technologist in her field.

Professional Experience: Veena has a wealth of experience in EDI systems, data integration, and software development. Her practical experience and dedication to delivering innovative solutions are invaluable assets to our team.

Technical Contributions: Veena's contributions extend to the world of technology. She is passionate about exploring and enhancing data exchange processes and is committed to sharing her insights.

Connect with Veena: Stay updated with Veena's latest insights and contributions by connecting with her on LinkedIn . For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to discuss her expertise in EDI technology, please feel free to use the contact form provided below.


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