Navigate Effortlessly with Mappls

By: Madhusudan Babar

Navigating Made Simple

Mappls interface is designed to ensure effortless navigation for everyone. Clear, intuitive design elements make exploring landscapes with Mappls a joy, regardless of your tech expertise.

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Made for India

Mappls is a Swadeshi app, specifically tailored for india and surrounding regions. it provides good coverage and detailed maps of india, be it urban area or rural areas. and so it's better than Google Maps for India.

More than just directions

Get real-time traffic updates, 3D maps, road conditions, spead breakers, Air Quality Index and many more, mappls even has a junction view which allows you to navigate easily on flyovers.

Privacy & Security

Mappls is completely made in india, all the data is stored on indian servers only, also mappls allows ypu to use some of the navigation features without signing into the app

Alternative to Google Maps

Mappls is a far better alternative to Google Maps for indians, it provides very precise details, even the house numbers and it is tailored for indian needs

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