Trending Projects for Engineering Students

By: Madhusudan Babar

Smart Shopping Trolley

Transform shopping experiences by displaying added items and their prices in real-time, reducing checkout times in malls. When the user puts items, this trolley will display the added items along with their prices in real-time.

Home automation system

This smart home system allows appliances to be controlled via mobile phone or any internet-connected device. Users can turn appliances on and off remotely.

Smart Entry Using RFID

This system monitors the entry and exit of people, specifically in offices and colleges. The entry and exit will be recorded using RFID cards.

Accident avoiding and alerting system

Utilize ultrasonic sensors in vehicles to prevent potential accidents by detecting obstacles. These inputs will be used to alert the users and prevent potential accidents.

Automatic lights by motion detection

This project utilizes motion detection sensors to automatically switch on the lights based on motion in the surrounding region. If any motion is detected, the lights will turn on.

Smart dustbin

Innovative waste management system for smarter and efficient disposal using ultrasonic sensors to detect and trigger the servo motors to open and close the dustbin lid.

Secure Door Lock

Utilize biometrics for secure and convenient door access. Open the door with your fingerprint. This project utilizes arduino, fingerprint reader and a servo motor to securely control the door lock.

Solar-based charging station

This project aims to create a mobile charging system based on solar power, there is no external electricity is used but the solar energy is harnessed to charge the mobile.

Smart college bell

When a set timer has elapsed, the bell will ring, and after a few seconds, it will stop automatically. Users can schedule the bell.

Smoke detector alarm system

Build a smoke detector to protect your home from unexpected fire hazards, build a smoke detection alarm system using Arduino and a MQ135 gas sensor.

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Water level indicator

This project monitors the water level for household purposes. Once a specific level is reached, an alarm system can be triggered to notify the user about the water level.

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